Caught on Camera: Thieves Steal Laptops From Radio Shack

Caught on Camera: Thieves Steal Laptops From Radio Shack

by Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - There's no such thing as a perfect crime, especially when you're trying to steal laptops from an electronic store with the surveillance cameras rolling.

"If you're stealing stuff out there, there's a good chance there's a camera and we're going to pick it up and put it on TV," Susan Rogers with Odessa Crime Stoppers, said.

In the video from January, you can see the two men in their twenties enter the RadioShack on Walmart Ct. and part ways. Maybe that's just how guys shop, or maybe, it's a decoy.

The clerk is busy helping a paying customer and that's when one of the thieves removes a laptop and stuffs it under his jacket. He then walks around the store with an awkward swagger, kind of like he has a laptop stuck up his shirt.

The two suspects eventually meet up again in perfect view of the camera, trying to act interested in other merchandise, when they decide to head back to the laptops.

That's when their plan is foiled.

"When he takes the second one, he actually knocks the shelf down, which gets the clerks attention so she walks to the back and sees what's happened," Rogers said.

In a not-so-sneaky attempt to take another laptop, this clumsy shoplifter knocks down a shelf. The clerk then chases after them as they make a break for it, but it's too late.

"She actually runs to the door and gets a glimpse of the vehicle they get into," Rogers said. "We know they get into an older model grey or tan colored vehicle."

They could have gone unnoticed but their butter fingers gave it away. So there's no denying it, Michael Jackson would be disappointed in these smooth criminals.

If you think you recognize either of these men, please call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS and you may get a cash reward.