Facebook Video of Reckless Driver Concerns Resident, Police Talk Consequences

Facebook Video of Reckless Driver Concerns Resident, Police Talk Consequences

By Alicia Neaves

NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN - A video on Facebook is causing quite a stir in the Basin. It shows a driver speeding on West Texas roads, weaving in and out of traffic.

Some are asking, since it's a crime, can police do anything about it?

Unfortunately, many of us have spotted illegal activity as we look through our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages. So we set out to investigate what happens to the criminal in the picture or video once it's in the hands of the police?

A concerned viewer says she spotted the video as she scrolled through her Facebook feed.

"We can't stop people from posting things like that on social media. Whether it's Facebook, or anything else. But keep in mind that every time they do, it becomes basically public information," Public Information Officer of the Odessa Police Department, Cpl. Steve LeSueur, said.

You can clearly see the driver try to pass an 18-wheeler, weave into oncoming traffic and come close to a head-on collision.

"As you know we have a lot of accidents here in the Permian Basin, and when somebody's driving 120 miles per hour, it's not just placing their own lives at risk, but several others as well," LeSueur said.

So when we see a picture or video involving illegal activity, once police have it, what can they do?

"There's several factors. You have to look at the totality of the circumstances, where did it happen, when did it happen?" LeSueur said.

Police will conduct an investigation, but they say the easiest way to catch these criminals is to call the moment you see the crime.

Noting their license plates and the location of where the crime happened could land the criminal in handcuffs in a much shorter amount of time.

As for the guy in the video, and any reckless driver for that matter, if caught the fine is up to $200 and up to 30 days behind bars.