Young Inventor Motivates Teachers in Pecos

Young Inventor Motivates Teachers in Pecos

by: Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

PECOS- 25 year old  Veronika Scott grew up in poverty, but her invention of a multi-use jacket has received national attention and she's received numerous awards. Now she goes around to teachers and students around America, telling them that they can reach for their goals.

Scott grew up in Detroit, living in poverty she felt many cold nights. Her invention of a winter coat that can turn into a sleeping bag has caught the attention of CNN, celebrities like Madonna, and even won her the J.F.K. Frontier Award. Now she runs a business making the coats and only employing homeless.

"We hire only single, homeless parents. We train them in everything from sewing and manufacturing to all the way to 3-D modeling and CAD," Scott said.

The company is called the Empowerment Plan, they make coats to be shipped nationwide to those living on the streets. The coats are free to the homeless.

"We work with outreach programs all over. Because they know the people better, they've had time on the streets. They have the respect and the trust, so we give it to them and they hand out the coats," Scott said.

Scott goes around to schools across america telling her story. Pecos-Barstow-Toyah-ISD brought her in to enlighten teachers before the new school year.

"Having someone that these teachers can see and the kids can relate to, that they too can get out of poverty if they are in poverty. They too can succeed and reach for the stars, Superintended, Stetson Roane said.

This is Stetson Roan's first year as Superintendent. He's happy to be in Pecos and ready for a great school year.

"Pecos is a positive place, Pecos is a great place. My job as Superintendent is to focus on these positive things. We're ready to go. I'm excited, I think the community is excited, and my staff is ready to go," Roane said.

Roane was honored to have a positive, uplifting speaker right before that first bell rings.

The Empowerment Plan donate over 6,000 jackets to the homeless every year. To help donate you can go to their website at