Crane School District Proposing $5 Million Dollar School Bond Election

Crane School District Proposing $5 Million Dollar School Bond Election

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

CRANE - A new school year is about to begin but the Crane school district is wasting no time in planning ahead for years to come.

This week school board members approved a measure to call a school bond election in November.

Superintendent Jim Rumage said the price tag on the bond is $5 million.

"We're gonna buy some buses, we're gonna do some school housing and several capital improvements," Rumage said.

Half of that money will pay for teacher housing. It's something the district has been working on for months.

"So many of the schools in the surrounding areas are building school housing and in order to stay competitive we feel like we have to do that also," Rumage said.

Not only is the proposed bond good for the district but Rumage said it's also good for the community. That's because money generated from the tax increase will not be re-captured by the state for Robin Hood funds meaning tax payer dollars will stay in Crane.

Rumage said the district is also calling for a tax ratification election for their maintenance and operations tax.

If voters approve it, that tax would increase two cents from $1.04 to $1.06.

"We gave all of our employees raises and we're gonna use that two cents to pay for it."

The last school bond election in Crane was in 2010 and Rumage said that $7 million bond is close to being paid off.

He hopes the community will support the district again come November 4th.

"It's gonna make us a whole lot more competitive and we are being a whole lot better stewards of the taxpayers money," Rumage said.