Neighbors React to Arrest of Former Pecos Police Investigator

Neighbors React to Arrest of Former Pecos Police Investigator

by Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

PECOS - Just two days after a massive drug raid in Pecos, the neighborhood on Fifth and Irene is trying to get back to normal. No constant police presence, no helicopters circling and certainly no flash bangs.

"It was a heck of a surprise. I come home and there were three helicopters in the air, there's an armored car, there's six to eight police vehicles," neighbor, Jim Collins, said.

However, a third person involved in the drug raid has now been arrested. Former Pecos Police Investigator, Helen Vernon, has been charged with Misuse of Information. She posted bond shortly after her arrest.

On Monday, her live-in boyfriend, Jose Corrales, and his daughter, Angelica, were arrested and are now facing federal charges for dealing crystal methamphetamine.

One neighbor, who did not want her face shown, says she's still shocked that someone with police was behind all of this.

"We were so proud when she moved there. We said, 'finally, we're going to have a safe neighborhood,'" she said. "I mean, it's always been very quiet, so like I said, I'm very shocked to hear about it."

NewsWest 9 attempted to knock on Vernon's door to get her side of the story but she didn't answer. Later while our cameras were rolling, she stepped out of her house and left.

Neighbors NewsWest 9 spoke with say police have been roaming the neighborhoods since Monday but they are hoping nothing like this will happen again.

"I'm very glad they caught them. At least we know we're drug free, well, hopefully we're drug free," one neighbor said.

"I've never felt unsafe in this neighborhood. I hope this was anomaly down here," Collins said.

The Department of Homeland Security Agents also seized several firearms and a computer hard drive from the house on the day of the raids.

This is an ongoing investigation and NewsWest 9 will update you as we get more information.