Ride-Along With Midland Code Enforcement Reveals Most Common City Violations

Ride-Along With Midland Code Enforcement Reveals Most Common City Violations

By Alicia Neaves

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - You've probably seen it, junk cars or trash in your neighbor's yard, or cluttered alleyways. Those are just some of the things Midland Code Enforcement is on the lookout for. But their goal is to get everyone to comply without having to hand out tickets.

Midland Code Enforcement says because of the boom, many just need a quick crash course on the ordinances most commonly violated. So we went out on a ride-along to find out what those are and how you can avoid a fine.

"Our goal is compliance. We are not trying to go out and specifically look for violations," Midland Code Enforcement Officer, Ponce Guerra, said.

Officer Guerra takes to the streets of Midland each day to help educate those who might not be following the rules.

"Before you start building or adding on to your house, make sure you don't require a permit. If you do, they're easy enough to get," Guerra said.

Many who have events coming up, or if they're advertising business, might not know those signs require permits. Garage sale signs are the exception.

"If they put up signs on the telephone poles, we'd appreciate it if they'd at least go back and take them down," Guerra said.

Or if you're selling your car, don't park it on private property or it will be towed.

In residential areas, Guerra says alleyways need cleaning up too.

"People are supposed to take care of the midway point to their fence. People have to call in and report those large items, what they are, where they are. There's only one maintenance crew and there's only four guys that work that crew," Guerra said.

If you are in violation, be on the lookout for a green door hanger. That serves as a warning.

Code Enforcement also wants to remind everyone water restrictions are still very much in effect.

There is a citizen collection station available so residents can drop off bulky items as well. The only thing they won't accept is construction material.

If you think you need a permit or if you have any questions for code enforcement, call (432) 685-7410.