Child Advocacy Group Educating Teachers on Sexual Abuse Prevention

Child Advocacy Group Educating Teachers on Sexual Abuse Prevention

by: Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

ODESSA- "This is very new. This is our first time to do this program. We have a five year goal, we want to train 5,000 adult in 5 years. Ector County has one of the worse rates of child involvement in Child Protective Services. We are second only to Harris County which is Houston," Executive Director of Harmony Home Denise Malm said.

Denise Malm is the Executive Director for Harmony Home, she says educating teachers to look out for sexual abuse among their children will help in prevention.

"Part of the training and talking about it, is learning how to talk to your own children. How to explain to them what safe behavior is and what to do is unsafe situations," Malm said.

The teachers will go through a five step program that will take about two hours long. Step 1: Learning about the issue and understanding how important it is. Step 2: The teachers will learn how to minimize the opportunity. Step 3: Will teach them how to talk about it. Step 4: Learning how to spot the signs which leads up to Step 5: React responsibly.

"Training every teacher at ECISD through a curriculum called Stewards of Children. We're determined to do something about it. We believe that prevention is cheaper and more effective," Malm said.

Taking a stand against sexual abuse is the goal of Harmony Home.

"One and ten kids will be abused before their 18th birthday. That's just sexual abuse," Malm said.

The five step training course is available to the public as well. You can call Harmony Home for more information at 432-333-5233