Pecos Police Chief, Neighbors Speak Out About Crystal Meth Bust

Pecos Police Chief, Neighbors Speak Out About Crystal Meth Bust

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

PECOS - A father and a daughter are behind bars and a Pecos Police investigator is no longer with the department.

That's the result of a months-long investigation that led to raids at two homes and a business on Monday morning.

Jose Corrales and his daughter, Angelica, are both in federal custody charged with distribution of a controlled substance. Officials said they were dealing crystal methamphetamines.

"We have evidence that shows they were dealing a large amount of methamphetamine," Pecos Police Chief, Clay McKinney, said. "Pecos has never had a methamphetamine problem until recently. I think it's going to get worse before it gets better because it's such a bad drug to have."

It turns out one of the police department's own is connected to the busts.

McKinney said Jose Corrales is the live-in boyfriend of one of his police investigators. The investigator resigned Monday morning but no charges have been filed.

"At this time we don't know if charges will be filed," McKinney said. "If they can find evidence that she knew what was going on, she'll be arrested and if not, she'll be vindicated."

Dept. of Homeland Security agents seized multiple firearms and a computer hard drive from a house on 5th Street and Irene. That's the home where Jose and the investigator allegedly lived in.

Neighbors NewsWest 9 spoke with didn't want to go on camera but said they've noticed a lot of suspicious activity.

"More cars coming into the area, people coming into the alleys," one neighbor said. "They turn their lights off and go that direction and turn the on again when they get to the main street."

A house on 7th Street and Ash was also raided. Neighbors in the area said they're glad arrests were made.

"We've never had a drug problem in the area until now," a neighbor said. "It's a big relief off our shoulders to know they're caught."

DPS, FBI, DEA, Texas Rangers, Pecos Police and the Reeves County Sheriff's Office all assisted in the investigation. Officials said more arrests are expected.