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Mayor of Presidio Fine-Tuning School District Maintenance Before Classes Begin

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

PRESIDIO - In just one week it's back to school for the kids in the City of Presidio. Students and parents will notice some changes when they head to class.

On August 25, Presidio's streets will be buzzing in the early morning as the 1,300 students go back to school.

"We're looking forward to hopefully a really good school year in Presidio," Mayor of Presidio, John Ferguson, said.

Before school begins, Mayor Ferguson has a to-do list he'd like to finish first.

"Have vegetation cut back, potholes filled, make sure signage is what it needs to be. Right now, I feel we need to do a little bit more to improve that," Ferguson said.

Another focus for Mayor Ferguson takes place at Franco Middle School, such as putting in sidewalks to make it easier, and most importantly, safer for students who ride their bikes to get to school.

"If students were wanting to walk back and forth between school or ride their bikes, they're gonna have to compete with vehicles on that street," Ferguson said.

This comes just days after Presidio passed it's 'No Text and Drive' law.

With this combination, the entire city will be safer.

"It's something that probably requires some serious money. It's definitely something that we should do," Ferguson said.

New sidewalks for more walking and biking, on top of a recycling center, solar power and a wind turbine in the near future, the City of Presidio is slowly but surely becoming an eco-friendly place to live.

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