Odessa Family Says They Were Scammed After Contractor Took Off With over $3,000

Odessa Family Says They Were Scammed After Contractor Took Off With over $3,000

by: Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

ODESSA-  "Its kind of sad that you can't really trust people. That's how my dad is, he's very trusting," Daughter of Victim, StephanieMorris said.

74 year old Jim Snodderly says he paid Ramon Lujan over $3,000 back in May to fix his cracked driveway. The money up front was to buy supplies. Morris tells NewsWest 9, they have not seen Lujan since then.

"When he got the check he cashed it right away," Moris said.

The family filled a police report, but NewsWest 9 called Ramon Lujan to get some answers.

"You took over thirty five hundred dollars from Mr. Snodderly and you were going to repay him but haven't yet, is that correct," Kree said.

"Haven't yet", Lujan said

"Ok, but you still plan to," Kree said.

"Yes," Lujan said.

"When were you planning on returning the money," Kree said.

"Its on the process right now," Lujan said.

"Right now I can't talk. I'm under a house so I can't talk right now," Lujan said.

"Ok, would you care to call me back," Kree said

Lujan hung up, and wouldn't return any more of our phone calls.

"My Father may not get his money back, but at least we're getting the word out there," Morris said

Dalton Mason is with Mason Landscaping, he heard about the story and is willing to replace Snodderly's driveway free of charge.

"That's a lot of money that he was out. I been in the same position where people not paying me, so I figured I'd give him a helping hand," Mason said.

The family is thankful for mason and his help.

"Offered to repair my dad's driveway free of charge, Thanks Dalton.

We reached out to Odessa police for a copy of the report but they were unable to get it to us Friday.