State Mandate Forcing Attorneys to E-file Court Cases

State Mandate Forcing Attorneys to E-file Court Cases

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The state of Texas requires all counties to start E-filing. On Thursday, the Ector County Bar Association held a lunch at the Odessa Country Club to educate county judges and lawyers.

About 140 people showed up for a training session on how to start E-filing court cases. The mandate was passed by the Supreme Court and the deadline for Ector County is quickly approaching.

"There is excitement about it. It's a process that needs to be done and it will be a very good process,"  Ector County Bar Association President, Cindy Wier-Nutter, said.

The educational presentation provided step-by-step instructions on how attorneys need to file cases electronically. As of right now, not all cases will be done through E-file.

"It's in increments. Right now, it's just the civil and family files that need to be E-filed," Ector County District Clerk, Janis Morgan, said.

Morgan said this new approach will be good for Ector County.

"It will revolutionize the way we do business. We're going to be paperless. That's the plan and that's my goal to be paperless," Morgan said

Ector County Clerk, Linda Haney, says this process will be good for the county as well.

"At this point, the way our county is growing, the fact that you can submit documents over a secure line is great. For us to be able to see them at our desk top, it's going to be a great advantage to the county. Also for the attorney's actually doing the filing," Haney said.

The mandate goes into effect in January first, 2015.