Residents Predict Unfamiliar Objects Flying Across Midland Skies Are Drones, Toys or UFO's

Residents Predict Unfamiliar Objects Flying Across Midland Skies Are Drones, Toys or UFO's

By Alicia Neaves

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midlanders are scratching their heads. It's all over what they saw flying over their homes all last week.

Some say they're drones, others UFO's, or maybe a new toy that's causing a stir.

In the video of this story, the even bigger question is, what exactly are these objects flying through the skies of Midland?

Tom Barnett of Midland was on the way home with his wife when they spotted something unfamiliar in the sky.

"She noticed this blob right above the horizon and she looked at me very seriously and said, 'Tom! That's a UFO!' Then I looked at it and said, 'That's a UFO!'" Midland resident, Tom Barnett, said.

Barnett says he first saw these objects on July fourth around 9 p.m. in Northeast Midland.

"These objects they would rise and descend and interact, kind of with each other," Barnett said.

Then the week of August second, Barnett, his wife and his neighbors in the 4300 block of Roosevelt saw them every night and captured them on camera.

"While I was looking up it looked like three cylinder vices red and three cylinder vices white mounted together," Barnett said.

Neighbors like David Bessire spotted them too while he was outside watering the yard.

"They had lights and they were heading different directions. They were kind of headed towards each other, then away from each other, then one would be stationary. Then one would go up and down," Bessire said.

Other residents say up close, these things weren't small. Could they possibly be drones?

"A military drone you would not want to be visible. You would want that to be so low key," Barnett said.

"We were excited at first but we think it's just somebody playing with toys," Bessire said.

"This entire 20 minutes of video is just one big curiosity. What is it?" Barnett said.

Drones, UFO's or someone's new helicopter toy. No matter what it is it's making Midland residents, if anything, take a second glance.

"I just think it's something more earthly than unearthly," Bessire said.

NewsWest 9 also contacted coordinators from the UFO Festival in Presidio who denied any involvement in this.

In a quick turn of events, just before 5 p.m. Tuesday, we got a call from a Midland resident who says he is the pilot of the object in the video.

He says it is a small drone. The Midland International Airport says these objects are legal to fly at 400 feet or below, if they are flown away from the airport and they always have to be in sight.