EXCLUSIVE: Wife of Big Spring Car Thief Speaks On His Controversial Murder

EXCLUSIVE: Wife of Big Spring Car Thief Speaks On His Controversial Murder

Anum Valliani

NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - A controversial murder has the public in a frenzy and the families reeling. Officials said 42-year-old Bobby Bricker was shot in the face and killed Saturday night after he had stolen the alleged shooter's truck.

We took to Facebook to see what some viewers had to say about the incident.

According to Heather James, "For every action.. There's a reaction. The deceased had a four-page rap sheet"

And John Fisher also commented and said, "He had no reason to pull the trigger... This was murder.. Plain and simple"

It was just a week after he had gotten out of jail, a place he'd already been before. Jolene Bricker said he had been put behind bars in May for "hot checks," but she's unsure if he had ever stolen a car before. Either way, this time was different.

"I think he was desperate just to go home. And he saw an opportunity and took it. He would never hurt nobody," Jolene said.

Jolene said Bricker was trying to get back to Carlsbad to see his family including his ten brothers and sisters who he loved with all his heart.

His wife told NewsWest 9 that she knows that Bricker wasn't exactly innocent, but she feels that he didn't deserve what he got. She said her husband was fighting some demons only he could face, and although he may have been in the wrong, what James Keck is accused of doing crossed the line.

"I feel for his family. I feel for him because it's something that he's going to wake up with everyday.  But he's the one that's gonna have to answer to that. Bobby already answered. This one, he chose the end for Bobby," she said.

Now the family is just trying to make funeral arrangements with as much respect as they can, and they're asking the public to be more cautious of the power of their words on social media. "He's not a perfect person. I'm not here to say he's the citizen of the year. But he has a family. The things that people are saying now, they're not hurting him anymore. They're hurting us," she said.