Ector County Sheriff Says Deputy Was Ambushed in Friday Shooting

Ector County Sheriff Says Deputy Was Ambushed in Friday Shooting

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - New details have emerged behind a double shooting in Odessa that left a Sheriff's deputy and a car jacking victim with gunshot wounds.

"This basically was an ambush," Ector County Sheriff, Mark Donaldson, said. "As he was driving by the maroon vehicle that the suspect tried to car jack, the suspect started shooting at him from behind."

Donaldson said on Friday afternoon Deputy Javier Leyva was watching a vehicle that was believed to have been involved in a different shooting a few days before.

Leyva followed the car to the N-N-Out Convenience Store.

Donaldson said the deputy flashed his lights at the vehicle once in the parking lot and that's when Darrell Green jumped out of the car and dashed inside the store.

"He actually crawled through the drive thru window and people were telling him that he ran out the behind the back of the building," Donaldson said.

As he tried to get away, Green shot a driver and got into his car.

Donaldson said moments later, Leyva drove up next to the car and Green opened fire again.

"He fired a third shot and that's the one that whizzed by Investigator Leyva's head," Donaldson said.

Green fled but was eventually caught at the Windchase apartment complex.

It was a close call for both Leyva and the 20-year-old carjacking victim, Hector Fuentes. Fuentes was shot in the stomach but is now listed in fair condition.

"That was a tremendous relief," Donaldson said. "There wasn't any reason for them to be shot. This guy could've gotten away without shooting anybody or doing anything."

Despite what happened, Donaldson said the public shouldn't worry about their safety when it comes to the carjacking.

"Circumstances in this case just put him in the wrong place at the wrong time, that this kid was running around with a gun," Donaldson said.

As for Leyva, we're told he's already anticipating getting back to work.

"He's good. He wants to come back to work, he actually went to church yesterday (Sunday)," Donaldson said. "He just needs to take it easy for a little bit and get that leg working good."

Green is currently in the Ector County jail facing charges for attempted capital murder of a peace officer along with numerous other charges that he was already wanted for.