Odessa College Student's Home Country in the Epicenter of Deadly Ebola Virus

Odessa College Student's Home Country in the Epicenter of Deadly Ebola Virus

By Alicia Neaves

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Just days after a national state of emergency was declared in Nigeria due to Ebola, Guinea closed its borders with Sierra Leone in efforts to contain the deadly virus.

On Monday, NewsWest 9 spoke with an Odessa College student who's home country is at the epicenter of the contagious disease.

David Bondi left his home country of Sierra Leone with his daughter to further his education at Odessa College. The rest of his family remains in West Africa.

Bondi's message to his family and his village is, "Do not give up."

"Our people are starving over there. They're dying, they're dying," Sierra Leone Native, David T. Bondi, said.

Bondi is from a small village in Sierra Leone, West Africa, just miles from the border of Liberia and Republic of Guinea.

Aside from his daughter, who is in Odessa with him, the rest of his family remains at the epicenter of the contagious, deadly Ebola virus.

"Around the surrounding villages within our locality, I got news that the people died within the same day, eight people died," Bondi said.

Bondi says in efforts to help contain the disease, certain rules were put in place back home. For example, they are cutting travel times in hopes limiting possible exposure to the disease.

"They are only expected to ride bikes in the day time. 7 o'clock, nobody rides bikes. It's just like a curfew, you know?" Bondi said.

The Odessa College student fears the moment Ebola reaches the capital cities in West Africa, it will spread even faster.

"You touch the person who was it, you have it. It's not like AIDS where you play with the person, you eat together, no problem. But this disease is very much deadly," Bondi said.

For now, Bondi turns to prayer. He remains thankful that his family back in Sierra Leone is safe and, most importantly, healthy.

"We should not give up. We know the Lord can make it for us because we already had an 11-year war in our country, which was very deadly. God helped us and the war was over, and this one also is going to be over," Bondi said.

At the moment, there is no known cure for the Ebola virus.

Bondi is set to finish up school at Odessa College next year, then he and his daughter will return back home.