Hedgehogs Take the Basin by Storm

Hedgehogs Take the Basin by Storm

by Stephanie Mills

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - When you think of pets you usually think of animals like dogs, cats or fish. But some people these days are choosing the more exotic option. Hedgehogs.

"Hedgehogs are probably one of the more popular ones," Cindy Beason, owner of Pet Mystique in Odessa, said.

Beason sells a lot of different animals but one that has become extremely popular is the hedgehog.

"I got two hedgehogs yesterday, they will probably have homes by the end of today or tomorrow. We have a waiting list," Beason said.

Hedgehogs are said to be great pets but they can be expensive. They range from $300 or more. At Pet Mystique, they are $225 each for a baby.

"The hedgehogs will follow you around, you can give him treats. You can give him a bath. They are good swimmers. You can flip them over on their backside and there's a tickle spot right and he'll start kicking his legs," Beason said.

Floyd Emery and Keanna Butler have their own hedgehog and say he's a lot of fun.

"He'll get used to you. You see when he runs on you and stuff like that you don't feel his quills," Emery said.

When Emery was asked if it hurt, he said, "no, not at all."

Keanna says, "Once he gets used to you, he'll put his quills down and it's really soft," Butler said.

A little hedgehog in the United States is considered a pet, something you can have in your household. But if you go overseas, he's considered a pest or a nuisance.

"Yes they are. They destroy their crops, they get into their house, kind of like mice do here," Beason said.

Eileen Clifford is the mother of a Sockers FC player. She lives in Scotland and says the little hedgehogs get into her garden at night.

"I've just been very lucky. When we were up in it, it was very warm and I opened the door and then turned the light on and one was actually sitting. I did get a fright. They're cute if you're a good distance away," Clifford said.

If you're thinking a little hedgie might be the pet just for you, Cindy has some advice, "always do your research before you buy any animal to make sure you're familiar with what they need. You can always call us."