Ector County Deputy Shot, Leads To Man Wanted For Other Crimes

Ector County Deputy Shot, Leads To Man Wanted For Other Crimes

Anum Valliani

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Several law enforcement agencies were scattered around Odessa Friday. It was all after a deputy and a car jacking victim were shot.

There were multiple active scenes related to the events that sent Deputy Leyva to the hospital, but the corner of Loop 338 and West 10th Street is where it started.

Officials said deputy Leyva was outside the N-N-Out convenience store when he heard shots fired. He had apparently been watching over a vehicle that may have been tied to a shooting  in Odessa on Tuesday. 

Leyva drove around and saw the man responsible. That's when he fired at the deputy with the first shot penetrating through the door and piercing Leyva's leg.

Authorities said at least two more shots went off. "One barely missing his head as he was turned away from where the shots were coming from," Sheriff Mark Donaldson said.

Then the suspect fled.

When NewsWest 9 came on scene we saw a brown loafer and some rags on the floor. There were also bullet holes on the side of the deputy's unmarked car and the back windshield was shattered.

Odessa resident Louie Rios was at the courthouse when it happened, but he found out about the shooting after it was placed on lock down.

"Anybody that's doing wrong it's adrenaline you know. Somebody's after you, you're gonna book it you know, try to get away," he said.

Investigators said the suspect fled in a white 2003 Oldsmobile, which they did locate a little later. The suspect had ditched it at Don and University, but they say he got into another one and was ultimately found at the Windchase apartment complex on 50th and Tanglewood. The man was arrested on the scene.

"We did recover a weapon, not with the suspect, but somewhere where the suspect was," Donaldson said.

Rios who lives just a street away from the initial scene knows Leyva, and described him as "a good guy." He said he's happy the man was caught.

"I mean law enforcement is here to protect and serve and I'm sorry he got involved in this," Rios said.

The police department, DPS, school officers, others responded. There were about 15-20 different units out at one point. According to Sergeant Gary Duesler, it's because as soon as they found out a deputy was involved, everything changed, and all hands had to be on deck.

"Just about every agency around showed up and was out looking for the suspect, and the combined efforts got this man in custody rather quickly," about 4 hours Donaldson added.

Officials said the joined effort in taking down the suspect was a big win because they believe he was wanted for some drive by shootings and other criminal activity in the city, so they're just happy he's off the streets.