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Deputy, Unidentified Carjacking Victim Being Treated at Medical Center Hospital

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Ector County Sheriff's Deputy, Javier Leyva, and the unidentified carjacking victim were transported to Medical Center Hospital at approximately 2:10 Friday afternoon, where they are currently receiving treatments. They both suffered gunshot wounds from the shooting at the N-N-Out Convenience Store.

Ector County Sheriff, Mark Donaldson, paid a visit to his deputy at the hospital.

"He was ready to get out and go look for the subject himself, but we convinced him he needed to stay there. Or the doctors convinced him he needed to stay there," Donaldson said.

Leyva was shot in the leg during the shooting off Loop 338 and 10th street.

"If he's sitting in the vehicle it went through the door and into his leg and exited the other side of his leg," Donaldson said.

Leyva is currently in stable condition at MCH. He is expected to be OK.

As for the other unidentified civilian who was shot at the scene, he too suffered from one gunshot wound. Information on exactly where was not known to authorities. Last reports show he was undergoing surgery. His condition is unknown at this time.

With Leyva's persistence and willing to work while wounded, Sheriff Donaldson is confident his deputy will be back on duty in no time.

"Hopefully he'll be up and going here pretty quick," Donaldson said.

It is unknown when the two will be released from Medical Center Hospital.

Be sure to keep it right here with NewsWest 9 for the very latest as we continue to monitor their conditions.

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