Odessa Men Starting Journey to Become Priests

Odessa Men Starting Journey to Become Priests

by: Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

ODESSA-  Three young men from Odessa are starting their journey as priests.

"It's kind of unique to have three from Odessa. Two from this parish and one from a neighboring parish. It's never happened in my 42 years as a priest. Father Mark Woodruff said.

Father Mark Woodruff says the need for priest is felt around the world.

"Not enough men and women are going into ministry and certainly in the Catholic Church it's a big problem.

We sat down with the three men who are ready to start school in Missouri.

Their stories are very different on how they got called to be a priest but they are excited to begin the journey.

"Build my spirituality more and gain more knowledge and wisdom through the Catholic Church," Castillo said.

"I'm a little nervous to leave my parents, but I think I'll be ok," Ruiz said

"Nervous but excited. It will help us all grow intellectually," Aragon said.

Both Castillo and Ruiz are from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish.

Aragon is from Holly Redeemer and is also fluent in Spanish. The three plan to stick together as they make their way through school.

"We've been with each other for the last two years or so. We hope we can help each other out for the next four years at least, Ruiz said

Once ordained as priest, Ruiz will go wherever he's needed. Castillo and Aragon hope to return here to Odessa.

"I'd like to return here and offer everything I've learned back to home," Aragon said

A party is planed for this special occasion.

"Just a celebration. We're having food and cake and ice cream. Anyone wants to come will come because they leave after Sunday," Woodruff said.

The celebration to send the three men off to school will be Wednesday, August 13th at 7:00, at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish.