Big Spring Business Owner Offering Free Self-Defense Class for Women

Big Spring Business Owner Offering Free Self-Defense Class for Women

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - With the crime increase lately in Big Spring, life long resident Nathan Torres is on a mission to help protect women in the community.

"I just really want to make everyone feel safe again. The way it was when I was a kid. Of course things are always bound to happen but it was never like the way it is now," Torres said.

Torres was born and raised in Big Spring. He has seen the population increase as well as the crime rate. He has a passion for Mixed Martial Arts fighting so he opened Warlord MMA and Fitness two years ago. Now, he wants the women to feel safe.

"Basically I felt obligated to do this for the community," Torres said.

Torres decided to hold a free class on August 23 to teach women self defense moves. He will show them jiu jitsu and MMA.

"I'm going to teach them how to get away if it comes down to that situation. If they have a hold of their hair or their arm, basically how they can get away and survive," Torres said.

Irene Trevino will be at the class and is excited Torres decided to help out the women of Big Spring.

"It will help them feel more safe at night. There are a lot of women that live alone so they need some kind of self defense background," Trevino said.

"I want to show my community I'm here to help them. Come in and let me give you some self confidence so you don't have to be afraid. It's ridiculous how many women I hear say that they are afraid to go to sleep at night. That they are afraid to park somewhere, afraid of the person walking by their car. Come in here and get some self confidence and lets do a little work," Torres said.

The free class will be held on August 23. If you're a teenage girl through an elderly lady, you can sign up at their Facebook page by searching Big Spring Warlord MMA  fitness.