Midland Goodwill Store Says Their Mission is Being Threatened Due to Lack of Employees

Midland Goodwill Store Says Their Mission is Being Threatened Due to Lack of Employees
Goodwill. (source: KWES)

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's not unusual to see "Now Hiring" signs around town but the Goodwill store in Midland is in desperate need of help to keep their mission going.

It's a problem affecting many businesses across the Basin.

"It's just been a struggle for the last year to keep and retain employees," Shawn Wooten, Manager of the Goodwill store in Midland, said.

Like so many others, Goodwill just can't compete with the higher wages offered in the oil industry.

"We'll gain five and lose six sometimes," Wooten said. "It's a constant battle."

"In Midland, we have nine or ten full time employees and we need nine or ten more," Cindy Haley, President and CEO of Goodwill West Texas, said.

With the lack of employees and a surge in population, they're having a hard time keeping up.

"Donations I think have increased ten times over last year," Wooten said. "We love that. It's just getting people to process the donations as they're coming in."

They're also in need of cashiers and truck drivers to pick up donations.

Employees from the Goodwill store in Abilene are coming to Midland to help out with the shortage but the problem goes even deeper.

"If we don't have enough employees here at Goodwill in Midland then it's difficult for us to fulfill our mission and run this business," Haley said.

Their mission is creating opportunities for people with employment barriers like mental or physical disabilities, among other things.

"We're proud to say that here in Midland 74% of our employees are barriered in one way or another," Haley said.

Closing the store because of the employee shortage is not an option but they'll continue to struggle if they don't get help soon.

Goodwill said they offer benefits, flexible hours and something others may not be able to match.

"We're the only company that I've ever heard of that's offered 144 hours of personal time off to first year of employment here," Wooten said.

They said working at Goodwill brings a bigger reward than just a paycheck.

Goodwill does hire people with mental and physical disabilities along with those who may have a criminal record. If you're interested in applying, you can visit the Midland or Odessa location or log onto to their website at goodwillwesttexas.org.