New Business Helps Dehydration for Hangovers, Athletes and Outside Workers

New Business Helps Dehydration for Hangovers, Athletes and Outside Workers

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND: Have a hangover? A new business in town promises to help make it all go away. It's a trend popping up across the nation, hydration centers, and now the Tall City has one of their own.

"We were kinda just waiting around for someone to open one up over here. We thought it would be a pretty cool place to work for and it never happened so we just decided to open one up ourselves," Abel Galindo, Co-Owner of ProSource Hydration, said.

That's how Prosource Hydration got its start. Galindo and his business partner are both certified EMT's. When they're not saving lives, they're helping cure the common hangover. However, those who had too much to drink the night before aren't the only ones who can benefit.

"We service athletes that are exhausted from athletic performance and workers that work out in the heat and sweat a lot," Galindo said.

The process is simple. You can either schedule a house call or go up to their offices. A certified EMT will then give you an IV to help with dehydration. 

"We offer two different fluids that you can choose from lactated ringer or normal saline," Galindo said.

It takes about 30 minuets for the IV to drip into your blood stream and then you're ready for the day.

"If you're hung over before work or something and the intoxication effects have worn off but your hang over is still there, we'll see if we can stop by before work," Galindo said.

To set up you're appointment, just head on over to