Water Line Breaks Near Big Spring High School ATC Building

Water Line Breaks Near Big Spring High School ATC Building

by Mike Henry
KBYG Radio - Special to NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - A 20" water main break near the Big Spring High School ATC building Wednesday morning gushed water high into the air before city workers began addressing the issue.

If this had been a school day, there would have been real water pressure problems for the nearby schools, but that not being the case it is mostly residential customers that will experience water pressure issues while this break is repaired today.

According to City of Big Spring Public Works Director Johnny Womack this 20" main runs all the way up to customers on Big Spring's North Side.

Also, he says that the city had already planned to make a scheduled repair of another water main on Friday near this recent line break, so crews plan to address both repairs simultaneously.

To ensure that there is sufficient water for basic living necessities the City Manager has temporarily banned all non-essential water uses until this main is repaired. Outside watering, washing vehicles, filling of swimming pools, flushing water lines, wetting ground for construction, or any other non-essential uses of water will be strictly prohibited during this time.

The city says that water customers on the North Side and those located between Johnson and east to Sycamore area will experience low or no water pressure until repairs are completed.