Ector County In Need of Kids for 4-H Club

Ector County In Need of Kids for 4-H Club

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Traditionally, the 4-H club is known as an Agricultural club, but that was back then. Today, there are so many more events that your child can take part in. Ector County 4-H needs your child to sign up to be apart of this 100 year old club.

"Traditional events are ones as you said, agriculture. There are other great things as well such as government, leadership opportunities, fashion, sewing and cooking as well," Jacquelyn Warnock with Family and Consumer Sciences for Ector County, said.

Right now, the club is in need of more kids. They only have 46 members.

School children between 3rd and 12th grade can sign up to be apart of the club.

Casey Lewis started showing goats when he was ten years old, now he's the President of the Ector County chapter.

"Over the years, I realized there is so much more than just showing goats or any kind of livestock. There are unlimited amounts of possibilities," Lewis said.

Neighboring counties have no problem recruiting youth. As for Ector County, they're hosting their first annual 4-H kickoff event to show what the club has to offer. They're goal is to double the amount of members.

"A lot of people don't know what it is in this county. It doesn't really have a strong presence. There hasn't been someone around to actually push it. A lot of people see it but don't really know what it is," Cooper said. 

The kickoff event will be held at the Gardendale Community Center at 5 pm on August 16. All youth is invited to come out. For more information, you can check out their website or call 432-498-4071.

"Pretty much, just a party to show you that 4-H isn't just a bunch of meetings. It's really fun and you can really get into it," Lewis said.