Pecos City Council Discusses Plans to Hire New City Manager

Pecos City Council Discusses Plans to Hire New City Manager

by Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

PECOS - The Pecos City Council met Monday evening to discuss the process of finding a new City Manager. Last week, the council voted to terminate Fred Reyes' contract after holding the position for two years due to personnel matters.

"We wish him the best and we're moving on, just in a forward direction with the city," Pecos Mayor, Venetta Seals, said.

The city is looking to hire a recruiting firm that will bring in an interim, and ultimately, find a permanent replacement.

"Getting that interim city manager in place will give us the right amount of time that is needed to find the right person for our community," Seals said.

The mayor also said she does not want to have her own staff recruit in order to avoid added stress.

"Our finance director also has the title of Assistant City Manager, we do not want to put the burden on him to find the new city manager and over burden him, because we are in the middle of our budget process," Seals said.

However, the current housing market might cause a problem with bringing in a new city manager anytime soon.

"The more difficult aspect of our situation is providing housing but that is something that we'll have to take in to consideration, is looking for housing," Seals said.

Pecos City Council will meet with the recruiting firms next Thursday, August 14, to discuss the qualifications needed.