Andrews Native Starts Christian Concert Series to Help Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Suicide

Andrews Native Starts Christian Concert Series to Help Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Suicide

By Alicia Neaves

NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - One man in Andrews is working to combat the high rate of teen suicide and pregnancy in town. He is doing so through christian music.

It started a couple of years ago with an idea to give youth, their families and whoever wants to listen a place to reflect, and for many, to transform through christian music.

"We don't have bowling alleys or a movie theater or anything for them here to go to. Andrews is as big as it's ever been, at the schools there's gonna be more students there than there has ever been I believe," Andrews native and Founder of What Yeshua Can Do, Greg Griffin, said.

Greg Griffin got a calling to reach out to his Andrews community, especially the youth.

"We were the top ten in teen suicides, and the top ten in teen pregnancies one year and we need to get something out there that's positive for the kids," Griffin said.

A couple of years ago, with the help of his friends and volunteers, they started a christian concert series.

"We have four to six concerts a year. We've had Newsboys, Matthew West, MercyMe. Some of the big names," Griffin said.

He's not looking to make money. He's just hoping to help those who are having a tough time.

"The social media makes it really hard on the kids. The texting, the bullying," Griffin said.

They are also helping others who might be too scared to reach out.

"If they're contemplating suicide, we can get them to the right people," Griffin said.

Hundreds and hundreds attend these concerts. Many lives transformed from a simple verse. The concerts also help the local economy by bringing money to local businesses.

Proceeds help fund more future concerts and a summer trip for youth to Ozona.

The next concert is scheduled for August 13th at the Andrews County Expo.

"It's just blown up so fast for us, which is good," Griffin said.

For more information on the concert series and how you can attend, click here.