Vandals Ransack Permian High School

Vandals Ransack Permian High School

by Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Splattered green and red paint now covers the walls in the cheerleader's office at Permian High School. This was just the first of two break-ins in the last 30 days. Now, Ector County Independent School (ECISD) Police Department are teaming up with Odessa Crime Stoppers to crack the case.

"Basically, the school police are treating this as a burglary of a building on each offense and that is a state jail felony," Susan Rogers from Odessa Crime Stoppers, said.

The most recent break-in happened on July 13 around 3 a.m. when the intruders pried a door open at the field house to raid the basketball coach's office.

"Completely ransacked the offices and closets and everything," Rogers said.

Cabinets and desk drawers were ransacked, windows busted out, golf balls thrown at walls and several basketball trophies were smashed to the ground. The only thing that was stolen was a basketball.

"In most cases where there's not a targeted theft like computers or big screen TVs, you know, things that can be sold, it's usually teenagers or juveniles," Leslie Alexander, Master Sergeant of the ECISD Police Department, said. "An adult burglar is going to go in and get their target that they're going to make money off of and get out. There's not going to be ransacking and making a mess randomly."

However, it is unclear whether or not the two break-ins are related.

"There's nothing that conclusively links them together," Alexander said.

"It may or may not be related, but we need to stop it, whatever it is," Rogers said.

If you know anything about these break-ins, please call ECISD School Police or Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS.