Andrews Receives Big Donation to Go Towards Higher Education Students

Andrews Receives Big Donation to Go Towards Higher Education Students

By Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - Thanks to the Heath Hamilton Memorial Association or HHMA, the City of Andrews has $132,942.42 more to invest in their students.

"This is a great day and that's a significant upgrade in terms of the endowment that we already had in place," Andrews City Manager, Glen Hackler, said.

HHMA was first formed 10 years ago in honor of Heath Hamilton, a big time roper in Andrews, who died in a tragic car accident while attending college. Over the years, HHMA has given $70,000 from roping events to the community for scholarships. However, they said it's time to go a different direction.

"What we did was took a percentage of our revenue each year from roping and we put a percentage of it back and invested it. Once we got to this goal, $132,000, we decided it's enough money. Now, we can carry a couple of scholarships in Heath's name," Bob Stewart, Board Member of the Heath Hamilton Memorial Association, said.

All of the funds will go towards students who are attending the Business and Technology Center in Andrews.

"Economically, our prosperity, our quality of life, is dependent on education and specifically higher education so this is just an investment in that," Hackler said.

Although anyone attending the Business and Technology school can benefit from the funds, the city said they hope to give most of the money to nursing students. Now, Andrews $800,000 to help scholars but the city has even bigger dreams.

"The ultimate goal that the city council has is to accumulate a million dollar endowment so that any Andrews high school graduate has the ability to take advantage of these scholarship funds," Hackler said.