Midland Woman Warns of Scammers Targeting Garage Sales

Midland Woman Warns of Scammers Targeting Garage Sales

By Geena Martinez    
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's not unusual to hear about scams in a booming economy but what about scammers showing up at garage sales? That's exactly what happened to a Midland woman over the weekend.

She told NewsWest 9 she was cleverly cheated out of some cash by a bargain shopper.

The homeowner, who only wants to be identified as Jacklyn, said it was business as usual at her sale until one customer stopped by.

The woman in her 40's started browsing Jacklyn's goods with $5 worth of rolled dimes in her hand.

Jacklyn said the bargain shopper kept coming back to her table with items, trying to get the most bang for her buck.

"She was trying to come up with even $5 worth of merchandise," Jacklyn said.

The woman ended up buying a pink basket for only 50 cents. She handed over her roll of dimes, got her change back and quickly walked off.

"I had a feeling about it," Jacklyn said. "It just didn't seem right but since we were busy, I didn't wanna break it and have dimes all over the place."

Jacklyn's gut instinct was right. It turned out the roll of dimes was actually filled with pennies.

"She had glued a dime to a penny on each end, glued paper over the edge of the penny to the dime where you couldn't peel it back to see the penny," Jacklyn said.

It happens more than you might think.

"There's been times when people will place washers in what appears to be a roll of quarters," Sgt. Chris Lummus with the Midland Police Department, said.

Lummus said these disguised crimes aren't uncommon.

"If you wanna make a quick buck, it's easy to figure out how to," Lummus said.

Midland Police say trust your gut and investigate further if you think something is off with who you're dealing with.

As for Jacklyn, she said she's not worried about the $4.50 she lost but it's the principle of the matter. Still, she just wants other homeowners to take note.

"Don't take rolled coins," she said. "There's no gamble."