CASA of West Texas Welcomes Eight New Volunteers

CASA of West Texas Welcomes Eight New Volunteers

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MIDLAND - CASA of West Texas has welcomed eight new volunteers in Midland.

Judge Sylvia Chavez led a swearing-in ceremony at the county courthouse on Monday.

The volunteers are now eligible to be chosen by a judge to serve as advocates for children in foster care.

The Executive Director of CASA says that they are still in desperate need of more volunteers and without them the group would have to turn down court appointments.

She added that being a volunteer doesn't take up too much of a person's time.

"Well, they have to complete 30 hours of pre-service training that we offer. But then they, in general, serve about five hours a month. So it's not real time-consuming. It depends on the case and the number of children on the case that they're serving on. The average is about five hours a month," Patty Pisklak, Executive Director of CASA, said.

If you would like to become a volunteer, just log on to for more information.