City of Midland Cracking Down on Vehicles Parked in Vacant Lots

City of Midland Cracking Down on Vehicles Parked in Vacant Lots

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - You have every right to sell your vehicle. However, placing it on a vacant lot around Midland could be costly. Many Midlanders don't know that vehicles on private property could be towed at the owners expense.

NewsWest 9 met up with the city on Saturday in the 1900 block of Rankin Highway. Officials were out looking for violators.

"Over the course of the days, we've had a lot of vehicles for sale on this particular lot. It's not permitted by city code to have vehicles for sale on vacant lots," Ponce Guerra, Property Code Officer with the City of Midland, said.

The city wont give you a ticket, however, the impound fee could be costly.

Guerra says another busy property around the city is 306 North Midland Drive, the old K-Mart location. For sale vehicles aren't a problem there but semi trucks are being stored on that private property, which is also against code. The city will be out looking for violators more and more.

"Alternate weekends, sometimes every other weekend, or each weekend. We don't have a set schedule," Guerra said.

Once cars were towed away Saturday morning from the Rankin Highway location, a few hours later another for sale car was there. A game of cat and mouse for the city. Guerra says if you want to sell your car, don't place it on private property.

"There are consignment locations that can sell vehicles for them or they can place it on their own property and sell it. Post it online and go from there," Guerra said.