Neighbors Complaints Bring Unexpected Midland Officials To Solve Problem

Neighbors Complaints Bring Unexpected Midland Officials To Solve Problem

Anum Valliani

NewsWest 9 

MIDLAND - Some recent complaints by homeowners to city officials went a long way. Friday afternoon, Midland Police, towing trucks, and even the mayor went out to a home that was frustrating neighbors. It all had to do with parking and other problems, but the owners weren't too thrilled about how it happened.

Residents in question, located at the 3300 block of Mariana Avenue in Midland, shot a video recording of what happened. In it you can hear of an verbal altercation between the homeowner and police officer.

Officer: Take your trailer off the side walk.

Paula Morris: He's about to move it. Ya'll are in the way. You're in the way for anybody to get by. But it's okay for us to be parked in our own freaking driveway?

Officer: That's not the drive way that's the sidewalk.

20-year-old Jordan Morris was working on one of items in question when they came. He ended up seeing his mom get arrested, witnessed two of their vehicles get impounded, and heard a few words from Mayor Morales personally.

"He came up to me briefly to introduce himself and said, 'We're gonna take care of this, this weekend.' That this is no longer going to be an issue. That they're towing the trucks, and that it's gonna be fixed," he said.

Morris acknowledges that they were guilty of breaking some city ordinances. "March 18th, 19th, and 20th they gave me 15 total tickets for my vehicles that I had parked around the house," he said, adding that "it's virtually impossible not to break a city ordinance with the way they're written."

But according to the city, the owner has had several code violations over an extended period of time, with large amounts of debris on her property. As a result, neighbors called the mayor in frustration, and Mr. Morales went out there Friday to personally check it out. Officers also responded and while they were checking her code violations they realized she had a warrant for not paying a previous citation for the same thing, and so, she was arrested on scene.

But Morris was upset in how the situation was handled. He described how Morales was seen "walking around talking to different neighbors, just having a high old time and with a big smirk on his face," Morris said. "This is beyond code violation. This is to the point where someone has a personal vendetta, and somebody's trying to accomplish something that's not right."