Odessa Police Department Looking For Suspect In Latest Flashing Incident

Odessa Police Department Looking For Suspect In Latest Flashing Incident

Anum Valliani

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - It's not just one case. Odessa Police are getting an increase of reports, of people exposing themselves in public. But they're having issues tracking them down. It's happening all over the city.

"It's not just one specific area. It can happen anywhere at any time," Public Information Officer for Odessa Police Department Corporal Steve LeSueur said.

Recently there have been related incidents at Comanche Trail Park where no one was arrested, and also along Hancock, where once again, the suspect wasn't identified.

In the most recent case from early Monday morning, officers responded to the 1400 block of Harless.

"What happened is that there was already an officer at the apartment complex. And he was flagged down by a citizen who advised him that a hispanic male was walking around the complex exposing himself," he said.

It's unclear to what extent the man was exposing himself.

While officers canvassed the area they did locate a subject, but that man wasn't flashing. They did arrest him for drug-related charges, though.

Officers feel the shameless man is still out there.

Natalie Sosa lives in the apartments where it happened. Although NewsWest 9 received reports that the place has become a somewhat popular spot for the activity, Sosa hadn't seen or heard anything. Still, that didn't shield her from a dirty feeling.

"Uncomfortable and scary and kind of gross," she described. I would like for him to be caught. And not be running around naked where everybody is usually home and doing their business.

Sosa added that with all the trusting families and kids around, including her own, this might change how they act.

Officials said the rise in these cases is tied to the growing population, and it is not something to be overly worried about. But they want to emphasize that the public should report any crime to them right away.