Rock The Desert Builds First Indoor, Wooden Skate Park in West Texas

Rock The Desert Builds First Indoor, Wooden Skate Park in West Texas

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Right now, saw dust is flying but in a few short weeks skateboarders will be flying down ramps as West Texas welcomes their first wooden, indoor skate park.

Rock The Desert started out as a simple concert in a church parking lot. It has grown into a full three day festival with special music guests. Skateboarding has become just as popular over the years at the festival.

"We just always had a dream building our own skate park. For the last few years we've had some ramps built that we set up on the grass. Skating has become so popular that we've had this dream of building a permanent skate park out here so we're really excited about it," Allison Tull, Office Administrator for Rock The Desert, said.

The ramps will be ready for skating on August seventh, the day Rock The Desert starts.

"Construction will be done by the end of the month. Shortly there after, the people will come and enjoy it. Everything is definitely on track and I don't see any hiccups coming our way," Allan Russell, who has been contracted to build the skate ramp, said.

The park will cost more than $200,000 to build and will come with bathrooms, heat and air conditioning and even a skate shop. NewsWest 9 found out that while the concert is playing on the stage next door, T.V.'s in the skate park will show the bands.

The park is scheduled to be opened throughout the year.

"We're planning on having it open year round after the festival. We haven't set the days of the week that we're going to be open yet. We're trying to figure that out. But it will be open year round," Tull said.

Eventually, the walls even be spray painted to look like graffiti with the sponsors names who help donate materials.

"Lots of donations and we've gotten some grants from people around Midland. We definitely depend on our donors," Tull said.

Tickets are on sale right now for Rock The Desert concert. You can go on to their website at

to find out ticket prices, where you can purchase them and who is performing.