EXCLUSIVE: Dash Cam Video of High Speed Chase Crime Spree by Two Odessa Woman

EXCLUSIVE: Dash Cam Video of High Speed Chase Crime Spree by Two Odessa Woman

by Alicia Neaves

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - NewsWest 9 obtained exclusive video of two women being chased down by Odessa Police. The pair are accused of going on a crime spree. But police say it wasn't too hard to find them, all because of some quick thinking workers. Now, the two women are behind bars on several charges.

The two women got away with a purse, a bottle of Disaronno and even a car all before a high speed chase that landed them in the hands of Odessa Police. But it was that one piece of evidence that made it so easy for police to find them.

A high speed chase, caught on cam. NewsWest 9 has obtained exclusive dash cam video of an Odessa Police chase involving Shavonna Gray and Rose Ann Freeman.

The women were trying to make a fast getaway after a crime spree going 80 in a 35 mile per hour zone. It's a wonder they didn't hurt anyone on the road.

It all started Saturday morning when the duo stole a purse from an undisclosed location then they stole the car they're driving in the high speed chase. Before their fast and furious attempted escape from the law, they stole a bottle of a Disaronno from Goodfellas Liquor Store off of 8th Street.

When an employee tried to stop the thief, the suspect turned the bottle of booze into a weapon, hitting the employee several times in the head and arms.

"We have several thefts reported every day and every night. We want to remind the public that a theft is a theft, however, if a victim is assaulted during the commission of a theft, then it gets enhanced to a robbery," Steve LeSueur, Public Information Officer of the Odessa Police Department, said.

As the women took off, the employee was on the phone with 911. She was able to give a license plate number and exact description of the getaway car which wasn't hard to miss. The stolen 1998 Green Chevy Malibu had yellow flames painted on the sides.

Police spotted it quickly. The chase eventually ended when the suspects lost control and hit a barrier pole in the 700 block of Avenida de Mexico. But even after they crashed, their getaway continued on foot but officers were able to take them down had it not been for the quick thinking employee at Goodfellas liquor.

"Chances are these two suspects would be continuing to commit felonies," LeSueur said.

During the altercation between the suspect and Goodfellas employee that's when the stolen purse was dropped and left behind by the suspect. It is now back with its owner.

Shavonna Gray and Rose Freeman face multiple charges.