Marijuana Group Sees Strong Showing for Educational Meeting

Marijuana Group Sees Strong Showing for Educational Meeting

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

ODESSA- The NORML Interest Group of the Permian Basin had a mission to educate and bring people together with similar interests. Saturday's meeting at Homemade Wines in Odessa had many supporters coming out.

"I'm a big supporter of the medical marijuana movement. It can help a lot of people across the country with all different types of illnesses," Supporter, Eddie Sisneros, said.

"Educating people instead of just prohibiting it, because prohibition never works," Supporter, Kynnie Campbell, said.

"To show support of people seeking freedom. Freedom to do what they will with their bodies," Supporter, Jay Estrada, said.

Organizers brought together guest speakers and information to educate. Overall, they wanted to get the message across that marijuana can provide health benefits for those who are seriously sick.

"When you look at the medical uses and if people really get the information, I think they would be more for it. So that's what today's (Saturday) about, to get information out," Supporter, Steven Gibson, said.

When Eddie Sisneros found out about the informative gathering, he didn't hesitate to be apart of the NORML group.

"As soon as I found out, I was in for it. I'm up for anything that will not just change the medical marijuana laws but the laws for people in general. It's not about making it legal, it's about making a choice," Sisneros said.

There was no opposition or protesters that showed up on Saturday. The group is aware of differences of opinions in a more conservative area. The group is willing to answer any questions from those who aren't on board with the movement.

"The people you would think would be in opposition, church groups or children groups, we have representatives from those people in this room supporting it right now," Supporter, Ben Farmer, said.

Lydia Decker, who was the chief organizer for the event, had no idea what Saturday's meeting was going to bring.

"I'm nervous but very excited to bring the information and education and hope that everybody will be receptive," Decker said.

If you would would like to sign up to help spread the word at community events, you can look at their Facebook page by searching Odessa NORML Interest Group.