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Oklahoma Infant Found Safe in Seminole, Women Had Permission to Take Her From Grandmother

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

SEMINOLE - An AMBER alert issued Thursday afternoon was called off on Friday morning after an Oklahoma infant was found safe and sound in Seminole.

Officials say one of the women who transported baby Olivia from Oklahoma to Seminole claimed to have a vision that the child was going to be in harms way and that she has an alleged mental condition. But Olivia's great uncle says misinformation was distributed to the media and Olivia is now in a much safer environment.

Just before 1:30 Friday morning, Seminole Police spotted a car circling the area. When they stopped it, 5-month-old Olivia Smith was inside, along with her Great Aunt, Cindy Findley and her sister-in-law, Jennifer Skousen.

Olivia's parents are in jail at this time. She was staying with her grandmother in Cashion, Oklahoma, just north of Oklahoma City.

Thursday afternoon, an AMBER Alert was issued. The suspect? Cindy Findley. Officials initially said Findley and Skousen took Olivia without notice from her grandmother's home.

Findley's husband, Sid Findley issued a statement saying, "My wife, Cindy Findley, and my sister-in-law Jennifer Skousen are concerned, first and foremost, about the safety of the five-month-old baby Olivia Smith. Olivia's mother had signed legal documents authorizing the removal of the child. Baby Olivia was being taken out of a dangerous environment." 

Kingfisher County law enforcement was investigating this case as a kidnapping, but Findley goes on to say, "Unfortunately, a private family matter escalated because the accusing individual maliciously and falsely issued an amber alert and made misleading statements to the media in order to escalate the private family matter."

Officials say one of the women claimed to have a vision that the child was going to be in harms way. Authorities were also concerned Olivia was not safe because of Cindy's alleged mental condition.

Her husband says this was all made up.

"It is unfortunate that inaccurate and misleading remarks covered by the media have created false impressions of my wife and our family," Findley said.

The former step-mother provided papers to the Seminole Police Department proving her legal custody of Olivia. She also signed a note giving permission to Findley and Skousen to bring the baby home.

Findley and Skousen were cooperative with police and Texas Child Protective Services will talk with the family as they monitor the situation. 

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