Families React to Deadly Shooting Between Friends

Families React to Deadly Shooting Between Friends

by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

ALPINE - Alpine Police responded to a house at the 600 block of Holland after a report of a shooting last night. NewsWest 9 spoke with family of both the victim and the shooter and no one know what could have come between this group of friends.

"It has been a nightmare for all of us," Ramona Ramos said, the suspect's mother-in-law.

The family of Alvino Gonzalez are shocked to hear the news that he shot and killed one of this best friends.

"We were just stunned because everybody grew up together. They were all friends, they grew up together. We don't know what happened," Ramos said.

Gonzalez shot three men at his house in Alpine. Rey Vega, 29, died on the scene.

Both families say that the four were all best friends, and they don't know what could have made any of them so mad.

"We didn't see no red flags or anything. That's why I said we're stunned, because like I said we knew they were all best friends," Ramos said.

PJ Serrano was shocked to hear about his cousin's death...and remembered growing up playing football with him.

"It's just surreal, you don't ever expect anything like this especially in a small town," Serrano said.

However, both families are feeling pain for one another.

"We know the parents of the children as well and we're praying for them. We know their mothers, their fathers, and we feel for them. We do," said Ramos.


"All my prayers go out to both sides of the families. Everybody that was involved as well," said Serrano.

And although residents of Alpine are surprised by this crime, they hope it can also serve as an eye opener.

"I hope this opens everybody's eyes and they know that life's too short and really you don't see a lot of this. I never imagined something like this to happen and, it's really sad," Serrano said.

Both families say they think this is an isolated incident and that this will not change the way people live their lives in alpine.