Terminally Ill Doctor Comes Home to West Texas

Terminally Ill Doctor Comes Home to West Texas

by: Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

LUBBOCK-   Joshua Gaines had one dying wish, to be reunited with his family and tonight that wish will become reality.

"He's doing pretty poorly. They have told his Mother that he could pass with in the next 24 hours," Gaines said.

31 year old Joshua Gains took a turn for the worse Tuesday night. Flying him home to West Texas to be with his family, was crucial. The plane will bring Joshua to Lubbock late Tuesday night. It is there that family will greet him.

"We'll be there. We'll be there to hug him and hold him and tell him we love him," Gaines said.

The 31 year old doctor was diagnosed with stage four colonrectal cancer in 2013, giving him only two years to live. He was unable to start his job at the Cleveland Clinic.

For the past year, Gaines was going through intense treatment at M.D. Anderson in Houston. Last week he found out his liver was failing and that he should be home with family. Unable to make the long car ride or commercial plane ride from Houston, the family needed help. Gaines Alma mater is Texas Tech in Lubbock. The University went to work to help the family.

"We immediately reached out to our donors and the very first donor we called did not hesitate one bit and agreed to do this. That goes to show you the family spirit we have as Red Raiders, and being of the camaraderie among us at Texas Tech is so strong,"Croyle said.

The donor wishes to remain anonymous, but the generosity is allowing Joshua to fly home in a private plane.

"We're just ecstatic. We feel so blessed that we are going to be with him," Gaines said.

Joshua will stay there at the South West Cancer Center with his doctor and family by his side.