First African American Deputy Joins Midland Sheriff's Office

First African American Deputy Joins Midland Sheriff's Office

By: Iline Tang

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Kimberley Mayfield jumped on board as a Midland County deputy back in April and is working overnights.

Although she's been with the Sheriff's Office for quite some time now, Mayfield is making history by becoming the first ever African American female deputy.

"I'm blessed because it's just something that's not done everyday," Mayfield said.

The Midland native earned her Associate's Degree in criminal justice from Midland College..

She kicked off her law enforcement career with the Sheriff's Office back in May of 2007 where she began as a clerk.

Mayfield then became a jailer and eventually decided to join the academy to become a deputy.

"It's something I wanted to do, but I also had a family. So I guess I was trying to wait for the right time. After I finished school, then I was like okay, it's time to go for it," Mayfield said.

Mayfield says she can bring a lot to the table as a deputy because she's from the area and also because she's a woman.

"Some people treat women differently, you know, so it may be a good thing, maybe a bad thing. But you know, if it's a good thing, it's there to help out," Mayfield said.

She tells us she hopes her story will inspire other women to tackle their goals.

"Not just African American women, you know, women in general. You know, just to inspire young girls out there. Let them know that, you know, anything can be done. Cause, you couldn't tell me five years ago, I'd be sitting here," Mayfield said.

As for the young girls who are still dreaming of what they want to become, she has a message for them.

"Have goals, set your goals and then go for them. You know, you can't let it hinder you. You go out, if you get shot down, you just try another way," Mayfield said.

Mayfield also says she's humbled and is happy to be patrolling in the area in which she was raised.