Allegations of Insecticide Transport Via Ambulance Addressed by Local Employees

Allegations of Insecticide Transport Via Ambulance Addressed by Local Employees

By Alicia Neaves

NewsWest 9

LAMESA - There are some serious allegations against an EMS service in Lamesa. A city councilman says they weren't just transporting patients. He claims they were transporting weed chemicals and insecticides for another business they own. But the two companies say those claims are absolutely false.

Evidence of these allegations involves a series of pictures with an ambulance and a work vehicle close to each other. But the EMS and Teague Pest Control say those pictures say nothing, and they were taken seven years ago.

"We need this stopped. This needs to stop now," Lamesa City Councilman for District 5, Robert Moreno, said.

Moreno is shedding light on something he says should have been addressed already.

"These pictures came around to us so I started questioning them and everything and just started looking into the situation just to process what is going on and figure out what's right and what's wrong," Moreno said.

He says a series of pictures sent to him show evidence of local businessmen using their ambulance service to transport chemicals used for their other business, a pest control service.

"Any kind of chemicals, will it affect the patient in the ambulance? I wanna know too," Moreno said.

An employee who works in Lubbock and sells these chemicals to pest control companies says he witnessed these allegations take place with his own eyes.

"It is true. Weed chemicals and insecticides were bought here and transported in an ambulance," Shane, an employee at Pro Chem in Lubbock, said.

NewsWest 9 spoke with employees of the EMS and pest control company, who did not wish to speak on camera. They say these photos could be up to seven years old and the ambulance pictured hasn't been used for seven years. They also point out the vehicle pictured treating the land in one of the pictures is working on the county with which they have a work contract.

They tell NewsWest 9 they used to do business with Pro Chem out of Lubbock, but have since switched to another company. Most importantly, they say these allegations are totally false, and they use their personal vehicles or a transport truck to haul their chemicals to and from Lubbock.

NewsWest 9 confirmed through the Texas Department of Agriculture that numerous complains have been filed against them, but no violations were ever found. NewsWest 9 also learned the ambulance contract which is currently in the hands of that local EMS company in Lamesa will soon be in the hands of the hospital as of September first.