Midland City Council Votes Current Term Sheet is Null, Void for Energy Tower

Midland City Council Votes Current Term Sheet is Null, Void for Energy Tower

By: Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midland City Council progressed Tuesday with the Energy Tower project. The council voted that the current term sheet for the Energy Tower is null and void.

"The original agreement that tied in with the 58 story building, that agreement no longer exists. We are just going to start with a clean slate," Midland Mayor, Jerry Morales, said.

That's because the old term agreement was for a one tower project but now Energy Related Properties is looking to bring two towers in. If the company wants to come back to the council and ask for incentives or assistance for a new two tower layout, they will have to create a new term agreement with the city.

"I'm encouraged now that we will be able to enter into negotiations with the Energy Tower's group to see if we can maybe move forward with something to have the project come forward," District 4 City Councilman, J. Ross Lacy, said.

There is still no word on if the council will move forward or if they'll put an end to the Energy Tower project. Midlanders NewsWest 9 spoke with Tuesday are split on the decision. However, the Midlanders NewsWest 9 spoke with don't want their tax dollars going towards the project.

"I just hope the building doesn't get built with my money," Midland resident, Mary Mabry, said.

"Let this developer purchase one of these seven buildings the city, tear it down, refurbish it whatever they want to do with their own money," Midland resident, Joel Rogers, said.

As for now, the city is waiting to see if they'll come to another agreement with Energy Related Properties.

"I'm happy now that we can renegotiate and do something maybe that works for both parties, more beneficial for taxpayers in the city of Midland," Lacey said.

Energy Related Properties has until September 30 to present the City Council with new plans.