Family, Friends Remember Murdered Gardendale Woman

Family, Friends Remember Murdered Gardendale Woman

by Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

GARDENDALE - It was a grim start to the holiday weekend in the small town of Gardendale.

Officers found 22-year-old Alexandra Kennedy dead inside her bedroom Friday morning. Officials say 29-year-old Danny Munguia, her common law husband, confessed to assaulting the young mother. When she didn't wake up in the morning, he called 911.

Alexandra's neighbor, Teresa Blessing, did not want her face shown, but said she was shocked something like this could happen to a girl like her.

"Alexandra was a good person. She was a good mom. She was a good wife," Blessing said.

Friends and family say that the 22-year-old rescued pit bulls who had been abused and devoted all of her time to her kids.

"She was a very vibrant young girl, she was always happy. She loved her baby girl. She lived for her kids," her mother, Tiffany Gough, said.

The young mother leaves behind two kids. Alexandra's mom tells NewsWest 9, her four month old daughter was in the room when it all happened.

"Now she has to grow up without a mom but she'll know her. She will definitely know her mom," Gough said.

Gough says she knocked on her daughter's door on Friday morning and it wasn't until she was at work that she got the tragic news.

"It just makes me very angry that he would take her from her kids and her family," Gough said.

"You know, it's just sad. We're here. Right here," Blessing said. "All she had to do was come out or yell or scream because I could have been right there."