Midlanders Petition For, Against Bringing Racy New Shops to Tall City

Midlanders Petition For, Against Bringing Racy New Shops to Tall City

Anum Valliani

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - There are conflicting views on an adult store and a so called "breastaurant" coming to the area. As a result, some petitions are circulating online about the two new businesses.

"Keep Midland TX Wholesome For Families" and "Protect Midland From Adult Stores" are two petitions that have popped up in light of places like Cindy's and Tilted Kilt setting up shop in the Tall City. The first is an a sex shop and the second is a restaurant on par with Hooters and Twin Peaks.

The online pleas have close to 200 combined signatures.

One of the authors, Amy Azcarte says, "I realize that the days of modesty are over in this era of depraved minds but there are a few of us that still appreciate good wholesome fun without the added sex appeal and perversion. Just because the rest of the world embraces this type of behavior does not mean that we have to accept it here."

But Matt and Melodie Roach say different.

"As Midland grows and diversifies, so too must its shops," Matt said.

According to Melodie, the complainants are, "acting like people are going to force them to go in. That's not true. If they don't like it fine. Don't go in. No one's going to make them," she said.

Those against the stores are worried exposure- like of sex toys- to children and modest families is unavoidable but Melody said based on her experience with this particular shop, that shouldn't be a concern.

"We went to the one in Lubbock and you actually have to go all the way through the store and they're hidden in the back. So it's not like they're not going to be in the window displays," she said.

She also added that the displays in the window are "very tasteful. It's lingerie on mannequins compared to Victoria's Secret which has pictures of models in seductive poses."

"I don't want to say or invalidate their beliefs, but at the same time, if they went in there, I don't think they'd see anything offensive," Matt said. "My personal hope is that more people will come to places like this, walk inside and see that their beliefs were unfounded; that what they thought was some kind of awful perverse thing is just an underwear shop because that's all this place really is."

He also feels this is a chance for the City Council to follow through on their word.

"They talk about diversifying Midland, about bringing new business and enhancing our local economy and diversifying it so we don't bust so hard like we do all the other times," he said.

The couple has signed another petition that came out in response to the others just days ago. It's called let Midland Adults Keep the Freedom to Choose and supporters argue for the right to make a choice.

But according to the original appeal, it isn't about the choice. What it comes down to is respect.

These petitions have no affiliation with the city but signers are just hoping that the City Council takes notice.