Caught on Camera: Thief Wanted in Crime of Opportunity

Caught on Camera: Thief Wanted in Crime of Opportunity

by Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Most thieves plan out their crime before committing one. They strategize and maybe even plan ahead--but one man didn't. It appears he just seized the moment.

"I believe that this guy didn't plan this crime. It's kind of one of those chance happenings that kind of put itself out there for him," said Susan Rogers of Odessa Crime Stoppers.

The man walked into an Odessa 7-Eleven on 52nd and Dixie back in September. He parked right in front, and went about purchasing various gas station goodies.

Seems innocent enough...until he spots some cash by the register. Hundreds of dollars in plain sight, teasing him, and you can see that he's itching to get his hands on it.

He walks towards the door, acting like he's going to leave, while the clerk gets distracted with the cleanup on aisle 5.

"Of course the clerk's not looking. He's watching for the clerk to be distracted and that's exactly what happens," said Rogers.

He then simply reaches over the counter, grabs the money, and walks right out the door to his white 4-door Chevrolet that's sitting in a prime parking spot--all while the cameras are rolling.

"We believe the video is clear enough that somebody will recognize him, recognize that vehicle that he belongs to, and be able to give us the information to get this taken care of," said Rogers.

Sometimes seizing the moment, lands you a Class B misdemeanor.

"Crime of opportunity," said Rogers, shaking her head.