Spider-Man Starts Charity for Sick Children

Spider-Man Starts Charity for Sick Children

by: Justin Kree


ODESSA-  Tim Linder and his friend Gage Pettis have a mission to bring a smile to the face of a little boy or girl in the hospital.

"We decided to go around to hospitals and find young kids with cancer and disabilities. We just try to brighten the days of those who really need the days bright ya know, Linder said.

"A lot of time when we go to the hospital, the parents tell us their child was acting like the little boy they use to know. He didn't smile in months or years they would say. It just really warms your heart and makes you want to cry in the suite honestly, Pettis said.

Both Linder and Pettis were on the gymnastics team at their high schools. Three years later they wanted to put their gymnastic skills to good use, by starting a charity.

I figured this world needs something better. At twenty years old what's a better way to get out of trouble then to help society," Linder said.

Both Linder and Pettis have a Facebook page to where they find a little boy or girl that needs a smile, and their parents who need help paying the hospital bills.

"We take all the money that we gain and put on a show at the park for the young boy or young lady that has cancer. We do this to help their parents for medical expenses," Linder said

Spider-Mans first show was at Sherwood Park in Odessa. It  drew the attention of over 300 people coming to watch the superheros do flips. They raised over $1000 in just 45 min for their first child.

"When I was a senior and I graduated I thought that was the end of my gymnastics career. This opportunity came along and it's just amazing to take what I learned and give it back to these kids," Pettis said.

The two perform every month at Sherwood Park in Odessa and they ask people to go to their Facebook to help donate. They also want to know of a child who is sick, who needs a superhero's help.

"A kid comes up to you, gives you the tightest hug they can and whispers in your ear, you're my hero. You start crying in the suite, it's an amazing feeling," Pettis said

"One day we want to go all over America, hospital to hospital, hopefully make every kids day," Lander said