Andrews Chief of Police Talks About Arrests Made in the Murder of Ethan Cole

Andrews Chief of Police Talks About Arrests Made in the Murder of Ethan Cole

By: Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - More information is starting to come to light in the murder of 21-year-old Ethan Cole. 22-year-old Channance Emery York and 18-year-old Lauren Rennee Rodriguez were arrested Tuesday on capital murder charges in San Antonio.

"Early on in the investigation there was information pointed in the direction of several suspects. That led us get warrants for Mr. York and Miss Rodriguez. We're charging them with capital murder," Andrews Chief of Police, Bud Jones, said.

You'll remember back on June 17, Andrews Police were investigating a possible kidnapping of Ethan Cole. Just a few days later on June 23, his body was found in Martin County. Chief Jones tells NewsWest 9 that more arrests could soon be made in connection to the murder.

"There may be some other warrants issued later. Maybe not on the same level of the offense but they're going to be some other warrants possibly issued. I can't say who, can't say when. To what degree they're involved, we're still sorting through that."

Although police cannot say the exact motive for the crime, they do have an idea. 

"I cant say for sure that it's actually gang related but we have some indicators that it was drug related," Jones said. 

Even with the arrests, we're told there is still a lot more that needs to be investigated. 

"We have worked our way up to this point and we are just continuing to systematically look at all the information and the evidence. We work with that to see what direction we need to go," Jones said. 

We're told Rodriguez and York should be brought back to Andrews within the next few days.