Upside Down Flag Causes Vandalism Again at Midland Home, World War II Vet Speaks Out

Upside Down Flag Causes Vandalism Again at Midland Home, World War II Vet Speaks Out

By: Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- It's a story NewsWest 9 brought you back in February. A 90-year-old World War II veterans home was vandalized. All because he chose to hang his American flag upside down and now the veteran has fallen victim to vandals for the second time.

"I don't know where these people got the idea that they had a right to come on my property and destroy it," World War II Veteran, Thomas Flournoy, said.

Last time NewsWest 9 spoke with 90-year-old veteran Thomas Flournoy he talked about his house being vandalized with spray paint. Since then, his home has been mostly cleaned up but on Monday morning around 2 a.m. some vandals struck again. This time ripping his flag pole from his roof.

"I was in the house whenever they tore it out of there, I had come out of the house and they had already stole the flag and they were gone. There is pretty good damage to the roof. The flag pole went through my roof so they tore it completely out," Flournoy said.

All that was left behind was the broken pole and a cracked roof. Flournoy said he wishes the vandals who don't approve would just knock on his door and ask him about it.

"Come talk to me, Come talk to me face to face. They have no right to come on my property and take my flag," Flournoy said.

The veteran said he still firmly stands behind his decision to hang his flag upside down.

"I have a right to fly that flag upside down. I want our congressmen and congresswomen to understand that they must obey their oath of office!" Flournoy said. 

As for the roof, Flournoy said he'll fix it himself.

"Oh yeah, I'll get up there and fix it. I'm a pretty good repair man."

We're told Midland Police are investigating the vandalism cases.