Midland Man Acquitted of Murder Charges, Attorney Speaks Out

Midland Man Acquitted of Murder Charges, Attorney Speaks Out

 by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Christopher Caudill is now a free man after a week long trial where he was facing murder charges in the death of 26-year-old Andres Garcia two years ago.

"Well, we were lucky enough to get a very courageous jury that was able to reach a very brave--what I consider--a very brave decision," said Defense Attorney Bob Garcia.

Caudill was accused of running over Andres Garcia in the parking lot of Sedona Mexican Grill, and then fleeing the scene.

Caudill's attorney said the only reason his client took off was for self defense.

"He actually believed that he was being carjacked and he was fighting off these attackers--people he believed to be attackers--and he ran from the attackers," said his attorney.

Caudill said he was stopped by Garcia who stepped in front of his truck with his hands in the air, all while his partner allegedly attempted to carjack him.

His attorney believes that alcohol played a role in not only Garcia's actions, but in witness statements as well.

"Because a lot of the stories that they gave were very conflicting, which you would expect in any case that involves more than a couple of witnesses," said Caudill's attorney.

The jury deliberated for six hours on Friday, and ultimately found the decorated marine veteran innocent.

"He was shocked. He was very grateful to the jury. If there was any way to thank them, he wanted to thank them," said Garcia.