Manhunt Underway for Midland Shooting Suspect

Manhunt Underway for Midland Shooting Suspect

by Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A massive manhunt is underway near Sanderson for 48-year-old Carl Wayne Wiley.

Midland Police say Wiley fled the scene of a shooting that happened Saturday night at the 500 block of Clay Street.

When officers arrived on scene, they found one woman deceased and another man suffering from life-threatening injuries. Witnesses said that Wiley left the scene in a white Ford truck, which was later discovered by Border Patrol agents in Sanderson.

When the agents approached the vehicle, Wiley took off at a high rate of speed and began a pursuit. He then crashed the truck into a ravine and fled on foot.

"After running the license plate on the truck, we find out that he is a gentlemen involved in the shooting in Midland yesterday (Saturday) evening," Terrell County Sheriff, Clint McDonald, said.

Over 30 Border Patrol agents, 15 DPS units, two helicopters and several K9 units are assisting with the search and are hopeful, even though the terrain is rough.

"They've used several different teams and dogs. It's just so hot and dry out here that they're wearing out pretty quickly and they're having to rotate them out," McDonald said.

According to the sheriff, Wiley is about three days away from the border by foot, if he is even heading that way.

"We do know that he made a phone call right before lunch," McDonald said. "So we know he had to be in an area which he could get cell phone service."

McDonald says that his team remains confident as they continue to track down more leads.

"As long as more time goes by, the less doubtful you get if you're going to be able to find him," McDonald said.